This is our process:

I. Get to know you

Congratulations on your engagement and your beautiful commitment to love. This is a time filled with a myriad of emotions, including excitement, happiness, joy, a touch of fear, and an overwhelming sense of love. I'm here to ensure that your special day unfolds just as you've envisioned. To get started, let's discuss your love story and any special elements you'd like to weave into your day. Is there anything specific you'd like me to know?

II. Take photos.

Today marks the beginning of a beautiful journey! I'll be arriving at the venue to start with the intricate details – the rings, invitations, flowers, shoes, and anything else that holds special meaning to you, aside from the lovely people. Your dream day can take on many forms, and I'm here to bring it to life. Starting with these meticulous shots, I'll continue to capture every moment on your shot list that we've gone over. And remember, if there's something we inadvertently miss, rest assured, we're human and will ensure it's captured for you!

III. Deliver memories.

We're deeply grateful that you chose Jessica Edinger Creative to immortalize your wedding day. Love was palpable in the air, and it was a joy to meet you and your families. Your precious images will be delivered through a secure link, and I'll provide you with a password for access. With this, you can safely preserve and cherish these memories for a lifetime.